Encoder Management Solution

Encoder Management Features

Remote Configuration & Control

On-board your encoders into StreamShark once and then remotely configure and control them from your StreamShark Events. Access encoders securely and reliably across intranets (incl. strict firewalls) and the internet.
Remote Control of Live Streaming Encoder

Manage Encoders via Single Interface

Our solution provides a single, easy to use interface to control your encoders and go live on StreamShark and simulcast to social destinations.
Live Streaming Encoder Remote Control

Time Saving Workflow

We’ve created a powerful solution for stream operators, managing the process from signal acquisition to playout. Delivering massive efficiency gains for their daily workflows.
Cut Your Live Streaming Workflow In Half

Encoder Support

We offer deep integrations with AWS Elemental Live (hardware encoders and cloud instances) as well as Epiphan Pearl/Pearl-2 and Pearl Mini.

As Technology Partners of AWS Elemental and Epiphan Video, we continue to create innovative solutions that solve important pain points experienced by stream operators.

Live Streaming Workflow With Encoder Controls

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