Channels for Live & On Demand Content

Channel Features

Channels for Every Business Unit & Company Event

Organize your live and on-demand content into uniquely styled channels.

Create and show playlists on channels for your business units and major company events.

Feature upcoming Live Event or recent on-demand content.


Viewer Home Page

A landing page for authorized viewers to easily browse channels and find video content.

Link important channels in the top menu for quick access.

Feature a major live event or VoD to attract viewers.

Full Theme Controls

Customize every element of a channel including color scheme, logos, background image and font.

Apply a different theme to each channel to match your organization’s brand or event marketing.



Automatically generate playlists based on tags or creator.

Create manual playlists if preferred.


Global Search

Enable search to allow viewers to search your entire content library

Allow search from the Home Page and/or from Channels.


Full Security & SSO Support

Fully encrypt and protect the Home Page and Channels via Single Sign On (SSO).

Restrict access to each Channel according to your SSO user groups.

Digital Rights Management for Live Streaming

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