Live Streaming Features

Streamlined Workflows

We understand the pressures involved when live streaming. We've designed our workflow to ease the burden on the stream operator.

Instant Stream Archiving

Generate a top and tailed video archive of your live stream within seconds of completion.

Real Time Stats

Gain real-time insights into how viewers are engaging with your content.
Live Streaming Workflow
StreamShark Live Streaming

Live DVR Rewind

Viewers joining late can rewind to catch up on any content they may have missed.

Embeddable Chat

We provide a chat which can be embedded directly within the video player, or separately.

Full Privacy Controls

Secure your stream with our privacy rules engine. Protect your stream with password, embed location, geographical location, IP address and/or email.

Live Highlight Clips

Create video clips of key sections of your live stream while live and share or embed these highlight clips independently of the main live stream.

Reliability Built Into Our Core

Our live streaming platform is one of the most reliable in the industry. We have redundancies at every stage (including at the DNS level), so we’ll make sure your event never goes down.
Shark Presenting Live Stream

Multistream Everywhere


Native Integrations

Our native integrations for Facebook, YouTube & Twitch allow complete remote control of your streams. Go live or end streams all at the exact time across all platforms.

Permissions Management

Our unique multistream permissions management system allows customers to securely receive temporary publishing privilege for your client’s Facebook, YouTube, Periscope or Twitch pages.

Teleprompter Tool

Questions asked in chat can be flagged by a producer and shown to the video presenter via our teleprompter tool.

Unified Social Chat

We can pull in all the live chat feeds from all your stream destinations into a single chat box.

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