New StreamShark Solutions released at NAB Show 2023

New StreamShark Solutions released at NAB Show 2023

This year at NAB, which takes place April 16 – 19 in Las Vegas, StreamShark will feature a number of new solutions and features to help customers stream interactive events with lower latency, expose key stream health and engagement metrics via a real-time integration for A/V operators collaborating over Slack, measure new streaming and CDN health metrics via the emerging CMCD industry standard, as well as new web standard support for the latest VR/XR devices.

Featured StreamShark Solutions in the StreamShark Booth at NAB

The StreamShark booth #W4053 at the Las Vegas Convention Center will spotlight an array of exciting new enterprise and broadcaster solutions, including demonstrations of the following:

Low latency support for StreamShark Events

StreamShark is pleased to announce the first release of Low latency support for the StreamShark Event platform. Make live events more interactive with lower latency streaming and real time chat to bring your event alive.

StreamShark integration with Slack channels A/V live event operations

StreamShark’s Slack integration keeps A/V Live event operations team members in the loop when collaborating on Slack with key metrics and real time statistics / analytics posted to their Slack channels of choice. This pulls live data from a Live Event from StreamShark’s native Real-time Analytics (RTS) system, as well as quality of experience metrics from our integration with PDN/QoE partner Hive Streaming.

CMCD support for StreamShark Event and Live Schedule players and CDNs

The emerging industry standard, Common Media Server Data (CMSD) seeks to define a standard means by which every media server (intermediate and origin) can communicate key data as video is consumed, and have it received and processed consistently by every component in the video workflow. CMCD metrics are now generated and recorded for StreamShark live Events, as well as our Live Schedule system, to deliver greater insights regarding multi-CDN performance and the global end-user experience. 

Improvements to VR and XR support for industry leading headsets (HMD)

StreamShark was instrumental in bringing VR support to the web video player ecosystem, being the key player behind supporting the latest (at the time) WebVR standards. As the WebVR standard has been superceded and sunset, StreamShark has picked up the baton again, and has added support for emerging standards around immersive VR, and refactored the plugin to fully leverage the latest standards including WebXR to ensure continued support of the most common VR headsets in the market.

Book a meeting with StreamShark at NAB

Senior StreamShark leaders will be available at the StreamShark booth, including Founder and CEO James Broberg, and VP of Sales (Americas) Daniel Gatto.If you’d like to schedule a meeting and/or demo with us during Expo Hall Hours, please click here to book. You can also add us to your show planner, here.

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