What Your Video Marketing Agency Needs from Its Enterprise Video Platform

What Your Video Marketing Agency Needs from Its Enterprise Video Platform

If you’re in video marketing and video production, you know that video is the absolute best way to connect with an audience. With video, the viewer can connect to a real human face, hear a real voice, and feel engaged with the content, whether it’s pre-recorded or a live streaming event. 

Video is the king of all content, which is why every video marketing agency needs an Enterprise Video Platform.

What’s an Enterprise Video Platform?

An Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) manages and enables all video throughout an organization, including live streaming, video recording, video distribution, user experience management, data management, and video player device management.

A great Enterprise Video Platform delivers exceptional service and capabilities in three core categories: unparalleled reliability, uncompromising security standards, and detailed analytics and insights post-event. 

Focus on reliability

If you’re in the business of operating or producing live streaming events, you know how important reliability is to successful events. A crystal-clear, glitch free stream, at low-latency is critical to an enjoyable viewing experience.That makes an Enterprise Video Platform with global edge locations crucial, so content can be distributed to end users faster.

Beyond low latency, there are several other factors an Enterprise Video Platform should offer to video marketers in order to deliver the most reliable stream. First, be sure to look for EVP support during the stream. Running a live streaming event is stressful for the operator and delays in feedback or bugs can happen at any time. An Enterprise Video Platform that offers streaming video engineers to remotely monitor your Live Event helps relieve much of the stress off of stream operators and improves streaming events. 

Redundant ingests, to make sure your event never goes down is also important for reliability, as are dedicated servers, and performance load testing, to make sure live streaming is up to par.

In short? Make sure your Enterprise Video Solution aims to deliver the most reliable viewing experience for viewers and presenters alike, through the most modern technology. Not only will this make your events more enjoyable, it will make the lives of your stream operators better.

Get serious about security standards 

Another major factor to consider when choosing an Enterprise Video Solution for your video marketing company is the security of the EVP.

Security matters big time for your EVP. Security breaches and data leaks can cost companies millions of dollars, leak private customer information across the Internet, and cause massive loss of trust and confidence in your brand. Need proof? Check out these security breach horror stories at companies in varying industries, all around the globe:

The moral of these stories? The security of an Enterprise Video Platform is critical, no matter your industry or how boutique your video marketing company. 

When considering the security features of an Enterprise Video Platform be sure to see if your platform offers multiple levels of privacy, or multiple sign-ins, to make the platform the most secure. Encrypted live and on-demand streaming to the AES-128 standard, in transit and at rest, is also key if you want a reliable Enterprise Video Platform. Finally, be sure to ask about the EVP’s security certifications (e.g. ISO 27001 or SOC 2 Type 2), bug bounty program and vulnerability disclosure policies.

If you’re worried about security when it comes to live streaming and video management, you should be. Protecting your company information and the data of your customers must be a top concern. Make sure your Enterprise Video Platform also takes security seriously.

Mining data and analytics for insight

Finally, beyond offering a reliable, secure platform to produce and manage live streaming and recorded video, a truly stellar Enterprise Video Platform will deliver quality analytics and insights after an event. A great Enterprise Video Platform should allow stakeholders to understand:

  • Who attended the event?
  • How many attendees viewed the event?
  • What browser did the viewer use to watch the live stream?
  • How long did the viewer watch the live stream for?
  • What time did a viewer start the live stream?
  • When did the viewer pause the live stream? 
  • When the viewer restarts the live stream?
  • How many total sessions did the viewer take to watch the entire stream?
  • When did the viewer end or leave the event?

Additionally, real time monitoring of important data and analytics during a live stream also allows you to understand how viewers engage with your content during a stream. 

As a video marketer, improving viewer engagement is critical to the success of your business and your clients. A good Enterprise Video Platform will allow you to dive deeper into your live stream or pre-recorded video to mine the most data from your viewers. 

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