StreamShark eBook: Answering the toughest enterprise video questions for the pharmaceutical world 

StreamShark eBook: Answering the toughest enterprise video questions for the pharmaceutical world 

Free eBook, “How to Scale Enterprise Comms in the Pharma Industry”, offers insights and strategies for meeting the growing demand for enterprise video in the pharmaceutical world.

Pharma moves fast.

We saw it throughout the pandemic. Vaccines, boosters and other treatments were developed at lightning speed. 

But it wasn’t just doctors and researchers that adapted to new conditions. The pharma industry’s IT, unified communications and marketing professionals found new ways to communicate and support the business function amidst an explosion of remote and hybrid work. 

In an industry where progress is a requirement – not an option – enterprise communication teams were forced to keep up. Business activities like Town Halls, All Hands Meetings, panels with clinicians and sales calls for new drugs shifted towards video. It comes as no surprise that pharma marketing budgets are up 15% in 2022, according to a survey from Medical Marketing + Media.

The demand for enterprise video isn’t slowing down. With increased budgets, marketing leaders will be expected to deliver even better results.

Communication professionals need more tools to continue to deliver reliable and interactive enterprise live stream video. StreamShark’s free eBook, “How to Scale Enterprise Comms in the Pharma Industry” is a must-have guide for anyone looking to meet the rigorous communication demands of remote and hybrid work. 

Drug manufacturers and pharma companies with a global reach depend on StreamShark to deliver a reliable and high quality viewer experience. Built on a foundation of security and redundancy at every stage, StreamShark offers an end-to-end live and on-demand video streaming service including remote management, engagement analytics and company branded video portals. 

Below, we’ll outline three StreamShark features that actively address some of the biggest pain points of enterprise live streaming for pharmaceutical companies:

How can I create a “Live” viewer experience when I’m limited by strict regulations for content approval? 

As you know, laws and regulations make the pharma enterprise live stream experience a bit different from other industries. You can’t simply launch a live stream to anyone and start talking about proprietary life-saving medications or treatments.

The in-house legal team at pharma companies has to review and approve any public-facing content before it reaches your audience. This is an important step, but it takes away from the interactivity of the viewing experience.

StreamShark’s Live Scheduler: Provide a “Live” viewer experience with pre-recorded content

With StreamShark’s Live Scheduler, pharma companies can create a playlist for their event (similar to a schedule for a live TV program) that’s populated with pre-recorded video content. This allows you to “Live” stream large 2K and 4K files that are already approved, processed and encoded into a Video on Demand (VOD). Hosts and talent can still provide a Live experience, answering audience questions in the chat. When they’re off-camera, Live Scheduler will handle the rest.

Teams can use Live Scheduler to schedule content for both internal and external events: new drug launches, annual summits, conferences, trade shows and 24/7 content loops for lobby TVs and information kiosks. 

StreamShark users have experienced up to a 10x increase in traffic using this feature.

What can I do to increase security for proprietary and restricted content?

A top priority for IT and marketing communications teams is ensuring only authorized viewers are able to access sensitive content. Informational from clinical trials is often meant to be viewed only by medical professionals.

Security is a two-part job. You of course want to prevent unauthorized viewers. However, in the event of unauthorized access, it’s also your job to understand who gained access and how they engaged with the content.

StreamShark’s Viewer Management: Generating vital usage data

StreamShark offers a three-pronged security approach that protects video access, sharing and audience interaction.

The Viewer Management tool provides an additional layer of security and generates per viewer analytics for A/V and unified communication teams, so they can better understand how their pharma stakeholders are consuming videos. Viewer Management lets pharma companies create groups for whitelisting viewers by domain or email address and requires viewers to authenticate to unlock the player and watch a Live stream or VOD. 

Combine that with StreamShark’s Single Sign-On (SSO) Management, which allows you to include Watermarking Overlay on your video for internal content. This Watermarking Overlay act as another deterrent for viewers to not share confidential content by randomly displaying the SSO ID of the viewer over the top of your video. Lastly, the Live Chat/ Q&A feature helps moderators filter through audience questions, approving only those comments that safely and securely contribute to the stream.

How can I enhance the viewer experience across audiences and time zones?

Re-invented “Live” experience? Check. Robust three-pronged security? Check.

The next step to an excellent enterprise video strategy is adding interactivity and personal touch. Global pharma companies must produce content for a variety of job functions, timezones, languages and communication styles. Despite their differences, all of these viewers want to be able to interact with hosts and other viewers during each session.

StreamShark’s Multistreaming and Branded Portals: Simultaneously broadcast multiple high-quality live streams to your target audiences. 

The StreamShark Live Scheduler supports Multistreaming. IT and Marketing Communications teams can set up automatic startup times in multiple different regions to allow for “Live” content to premier across time zones with ease. Each stream will have its own pre-produced closed captioning content, and its own chat moderation functionality. To better assist our global customers, StreamShark supports up to eight different languages with our in-house, AI-based closed captioning system. 

Your team can play “Live” video on the StreamShark video player (whitelabelled), as well as on social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Workplace. This is particularly useful for pharma companies looking for a continuous, 24/7 “Live” feed for informational kiosks and lobby TVs.

Pharma folks – want more insights and strategies for meeting your industry’s growing demand for enterprise video? Download StreamShark’s free eBook, “How to Scale Enterprise Comms in the Pharma Industry.”

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