Reliable Video Streaming

Reliability Features

Redundant Ingests

We have redundancies at every stage with automatic failover, so we’ll make sure your event never goes down and your videos are always reachable.

Dual DNS

By using two DNS providers, we have two separate DNS networks running simultaneously. These two networks provide backup for each other and for our users in the event one network is offline or has degraded performance.


Our patented Multi-CDN (multi content delivery network) combines multiple CDN providers into a single global network. This provides unparalleled reliability and availability across the globe.

Global Edge Locations

We have edge locations all over the world so we can distribute content closer to our end users to reduce latency.
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Dedicated and Isolated Servers

By creating server isolation we are able to ensure that only authenticated users and devices are granted access, which increases security.

Critical Live Event Monitoring Service

With StreamShark you always have additional peace of mind, which is why we can provide streaming video engineers to remotely monitor your Live Event to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Load Testing Service

We want to optimize your performance and ensure it can handle an increased load through our load testing service, which will allow you to know your StreamShark service can handle any demands you put on it!

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