StreamShark’s On Device Integration for Epiphan Pearl Encoders

StreamShark’s On Device Integration for Epiphan Pearl Encoders

We’re pleased to announce our latest hardware encoder management integration for the Pearl family of encoders in partnership with Epiphan Video. The custom firmware we’ve developed enables one of our deepest encoder integrations to date.

The StreamShark firmware installed on the Pearl-2.

Previously, an on-premise software agent was required to communicate between Epiphan encoders and StreamShark’s Encoder Management Solution. Now, Live stream operators and AV technicians can install our custom firmware on their Pearl/Pearl-2/Pearl Mini encoder, which contains an on-device agent that enables integrated control via StreamShark’s Encoder Management solution.

StreamShark’s Encoder Management solution allows you to remotely configure, control and monitor the health of your encoder(s). Simply on-board your encoder once to StreamShark, after which you can start/stop streams on the encoder directly from your StreamShark Events for a low-touch, operator friendly live streaming workflow. Stream settings such as RTMP URL, Stream Name and authentication details are automatically applied via our API integration. Further, the status of your encoder(s) can be reviewed at a glance, including which encoders are being utilized and for which events.

Enterprises, government bodies and education organisations typically have encoders behind strict firewalls, which means they are not accessible from the public internet. In this scenario, StreamShark’s Encoder Management uses a “polling” mode where your encoder polls StreamShark for commands, thus enabling secure and reliable access and control across intranets (incl. strict firewalls) and the internet, all from the StreamShark interface.

With our custom firmware, your Pearl device can phone home and be accessible from within StreamShark wherever the encoder might be so long as it has access to the internet. This is beneficial if you have encoders being used out in the field whether as part of a mobile kit, or used in remote locations or even at employees’ homes in the current work-from-home climate.  Whenever the device gains access to the internet it can automatically configure itself without operators having to deal with the hassle of changing IP addresses. This is perfect for encoders which may be used in many different remote locations.

You can learn more about the installation process here.

The integration is available to customers on our Business and higher plans with access to StreamShark’s Encoder Management solution. Please email [email protected] for access to the custom firmware files.

If you’re interested in seeing a demo of the integration in action, please email [email protected].

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