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How We Help Support First-Time Documentary Filmmakers


Our mission is to support first time documentary filmmakers in making their documentary films. We offer this support through 1:1 coaching, a weekly group mastermind and an online Documentary Essentials course.


We know you have an important story to tell and need some knowledge and advice on how to tell it. We're here to answer the questions you have and give you the guidance you need.



1:1 Film Coaching

By working together one-on-one you will gain clarity on all aspects of your film, discover the actionable next steps to move you forward, have accountability giving you motivation and feel empowered and supported as you make your film.

The Documentary Collective

A weekly group coaching program for documentary filmmakers actively making their films. This group is for any documentary filmmaker who wishes to be part of a supportive, knowledgeable and informative group to receive reinforcement while making their film. 

Documentary Film Essentials

Documentary Film Essentials is a self paced course which takes first-time filmmakers through everything they need to know to make a successful film. It is a must-have for any filmmaker looking to make, fund and distribute their first or next project.



Chris Cambodia Camera
Steph India

Who We Are and Our Work


Hi there, we are Chris and Stephanie. We are filmmakers, coaches, parents, world travelers and storytellers who value freedom, connection and creativity above all else.


We have collectively worked in the film industry for almost 35 years and over that time have learned the value in doing things in a way that feels good to us and feeds our souls. There is no right or wrong way. There is only the way that works for you and gets you to your objective - whatever that may be.


We feel honored to hold space for fellow storytellers and see our pursuit at this time to help support the creation and the distribution of these valuable narratives. 




The Documentary Life Podcast


Our archive of over 140 episodes of the The Documentary Life Podcast is a great place to start when making your documentary film. Filled with real life filmmaker experiences and interviews with some of the most respected names in film, you are sure to find inspiration and information to help support your own project.


Here are some of our most popular episodes to get you started:

All Good Things Must Come to An End

Can you believe that it was over four years ago that we first began producing episodes of The Documentary Life?? Well, neither can we. But as they say, all good…


Winning an Oscar for Your Documentary Film

Imagine stepping up to the podium to accept your award for Best Documentary Feature for the film that you have put your heart, soul, blood sweat tears into. What would…


Cinematography in Documentary Film

In the past, documentary cinematography has been in the shadow of narrative feature’s, overlooked because of certain, perhaps unfair assumptions about the craft. Well, that is no longer the case…


Reality Television and the Documentary Filmmaker

It wasn’t that long ago when reality television was a dirty word that incited some pretty strong feelings among the documentary filmmaking crowd. However, non fiction television has come a…


Documentary Filmmaking During a Pandemic

Documentary filmmaking during this time of a pandemic is something that so many of us doc filmmakers are contemplating. Or doing. Or not doing. Today’s episode is filled with both…


Race in the Documentary Filmmaking Community

Questions of race and who has the right to tell another person’s or culture’s or race’s stories have recently been at the forefront of the documentary community’s collective consciousness. More…


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