Documentary Filmmaker’s Crowdfunding 101


Need an infusion of cash for your documentary film? Then consider running a crowdfunding campaign.

Our direct experience and expertise in running multiple, successful, crowdfunding campaigns has allowed us to develop a tried and true process and strategy that we’ll be sharing with you in this workshop. You too can run a successful campaign, fund your documentary, develop your distribution and outreach channels while building an eager audience for your films for years to come.

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Crowdfunding Wait List Thank You

Thank You! You’re on the list. We’ll let you know when Crowdfunding For Your Documentary Film opens it’s doors. Itching to get started? Check out this comprehensive list of our best podcast episodes and blog articles. Take Me To The Good Stuff

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Crowdfunding Wait List

Join The Wait List Crowdfunding For Your Documentary Film Build A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign And Raise Significant Money For Your Documentary Film   ENROLLMENT OPENS  WEDNESDAY 27TH NOVEMBER 2019 Be the first to know when doors open and receive an early bird discount by signing up to the waitlist! YES! NOTIFY ME ONCE DOORS OPEN…

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Crowdfunding Your Documentary Film with John Trigonis

Few people know the crowdfunding game like John Trigonis. He is considered to be one of the leading experts in the game. And with good reason, since he has been leading some of the most impressive crowdfunding campaigns for film companies and independent filmmakers over the past decade, worked for Indiegogo, and authored the veritable bible on…

70 – Crowdfunding for Your Documentary with Seed & Spark’s, Emily Best

Crowdfunding, nowadays, is one of the most common funding options out there for the documentary filmmaker. However, the crowdfunding playing field has evolved considerably since the early days of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Take for instance, Seed & Spark.   A multitude of crowdfunding platforms now do different things, depending on your needs.  And while the list…