About The Documentary Life 

TDl is a place to find inspiration and advice based on real-life filmmaking experiences, as well as the necessary resources and active community that will help you thrive!


The Documentary Life is a movement that was born from a need and want to connect with other documentary filmmakers.

It was a concept of building a documentary film community and sharing insight, knowledge and first-hand experiences.

Consider this a place of support, kinship and valuable how-tos when making your first or next documentary film.

Who Are We?

We're Chris G. Parkhurst and Stephanie Vincenti and we're the founders of The Documentary Life.

We came from film and video production backgrounds - commercial and corporate gigs and narrative feature films - but for some time now we've been focused on making our documentary films and helping others do the same.

Originally from the USA (Chris) and UK (Stephanie), we love to travel, especially to Asia. We are currently living in Siem Reap, Cambodia with our two little ones Flynn and Maya, while we finish making our latest doc film.

We're grateful we've had the chance to help and inspire so many doc filmmakers to make their own documentary projects and we pride ourselves on making it easier, more strategic and ultimately more successful to make a doc film.

Director/DP, Chris G. Parkhurst, shooting B-roll on Libby Spears documentary, 'PC 594: The Art of Rebellion

The TDL Mission

It is our mission to provide documentary filmmakers with a place to call home on the web. A place where they can find the tools, resources and information that they need to make their most successful documentary films.

We are especially focused on assisting film and video production freelancers who are considering making the transition to doc filmmaking, just as we did.

And in addition, we offer support and education on some of the fundamental aspects of lifestyle - financial, emotional, spiritual, creative and day-to-day living.



The successful combination of a sustainable, fulfilling documentary filmmaking career supported by a vibrant and healthy personal lifestyle is the essence of leading The Documentary Life.



"What you’re doing with TDL nobody else is doing and it’s an area that needs to be looked at and touched upon. Being a filmmaker is not separate from being a human being in incorporating your whole life in an expression through documentaries. I applaud you with what you have put together because it’s vitally important!"

Michael Wiese, Doc Filmmaker and Author


"The Documentary Life is an invaluable resource for beginning filmmakers and veterans alike. This show fosters community, offers practical advice, and provides major inspiration. There’s nothing else like it out there!"

Jeffrey Schwarz, Emmy Award-winning Doc Filmmaker


“Thanks for a really excellently introduced and guided podcast. Very empathic and inspiring on your part. Thank you for the honor and privilege of coming on your show.”

Micheal Rabiger, Author, Directing the Documentary


“What an interesting show!  Thanks so much for getting all of the inside information on the funding side. I sincerely enjoyed listening to the show. I am a committed fan and I am looking forward to the next one. Thank you so much for your work.  It’s benefiting all of us.”

Carole Lee Dean, From The Heart Productions

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