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What is The Documentary Life Collective and how can it help me?


TDL Collective isn't your typical documentary filmmaking resource.


Instead, it's the only documentary filmmaking course of its kind which is dedicated to helping doc filmmakers like you create, fund and distribute exceptional and successful doc film's.

Basically, it's your unfair advantage to reaching your filmmaking goals and kicking overwhelm, self-doubt and uncertainity out on their ass.

Just for a second... Imagine what that would feel like for you to:

* have thousands of filmmaking dollars at your disposal

* give up your 9-5 job or freelance work to focus solely on doc filmmaking

* have a professional and reliable crew and other team members supporting you in every aspect of the journey

* have clarity and strategy guiding you every step of the way to reaching your goals and to your films success

Makes you excited and empowered to get to work on your doc film, right?

Damn straight.

And because we know how you can achieve it, we have created IDF101 for you to live it. You can live a life of creativity, purpose, ease, impact, alignment and make yes-I'm-a-creative-but-I-make-an-amazing-living-at-it kinda income!


Chris and Corey
Video Camera
Chris Camera



What does your film feel like right now?


Overwhelming? Up and down? Uncertain? Anxiety-inducing?

Feel like you don't know what you're doing or what the next step should be?

Do you find yourself:

struggling to keep focus as you get to work on your film only as and when you can #life #dayjob

wondering where on earth you'll actually raise the money to get your film made and wonder who the hell would ever give you money anyway

feeling an obligation to share this important story, but don't know if you have what it takes to make it happen

>  worrying that nobody will ever see your film and all the time, effort and hard work you put into it will be for nothing

And then there's the actual making, making of your film. #production

It's a lot to think about. And we get it!

We've been there.

Which is why we're telling you, there is a better way.

There is money, support, excitement, inspiration, fulfillment and success available and waiting for you... even if you believe your resources are limited or you're new to this whole doc filmmaking thing!

Wait a second, who are you again?


Hi there! We are Chris G. Parkhurst and Stephanie Vincenti and we're co-founders of The Documentary Life - an online resource platform which helps documentary filmmakers, of all levels, make awesome documentary films.

We've helped and inspired thousands of doc filmmakers to believe in themselves, make their amazing films and lead their most meaningful and purposeful documentary lives and we'd love the chance to support and guide YOU on your journey to becoming a successful documentary filmmaker too.


Chris and Steph(1)

 So what does IDF101 look like?

Let's take a look at the course structure.

Module 1: Perspective and Mindset

The important first step. You've gotta get your head on straight.

What is it that you want to achieve with your film?

WHY is it important that you achieve it?

What is your motivation? Financial sustainability? Career development? Make a social impact? Create a movement?

Let's get real about what you'll achieve and why.

And whilst we're talkin' real talk.

Let's be honest about money too and how to overcome any preconceived ideas that you have surrounding it - which are holding you back from raising it, making it and managing it.

And if imposter syndrome should ever rear its ugly head, we got you covered there too.

You're a doc filmmaker.  #ownit


Module 2: Pitches and Proposals

Wanna raise significant money for your film?

*nods head*

Then let's get your fundraising arsenal together!

You're going to need...

A dialed in elevator pitch 

An effective fundraising trailer

A comprehensive film proposal

A realistic film budget

By the end of this module you will have all of these - crafted in our step-by-step tutorials - ready and raring to go.

Yes!! *fist pump*


Module 3: Presence and Connection

This will NOT be the first time you'll have heard about the importance of knowing who your niche audience are and forming an authentic connection with them.

Truly Independent Doc Filmmaking 101, right?

But do you know HOW to:

*test who your niche audience are and

*make the most of that connection?

Guess what? You will once you complete this module.

Get ready to get super focused on who your audience are and how you'll not only connect with them, but target them directly.

P.s. ^^^ Read into that.. marketing, funding, grassroots support, outreach, social impact and change , and more ^^^).



Copy of Mindset

Module 4: Film Finances

'Show me the money!'

Sorry, we couldn't resist. #cheesy

Seriously though, if money makes the world go round it sure as hell also gets documentary films made.

You want.. money.

We want.. to show you where to find it, tell you how to get your hands on it and give you help to manage it.





Module 5: Film Promotion

WAIT! You actually want people to see your film??

*Yes, please!*

And so do we.

We will not permit your film to lay in the dustbin of films that never see the light of day.


Your film is going to meet its audience - an eager and engaged one at that - and reach its full potential.

*Scout's honor salute*




Module 6: Film Distribution

You'd have to be crazy to put all that effort, time, blood, sweat, tears, money and thought into making a documentary film and then not launch and distribute it out into the world. Right?

Can I get a #hellyeah?

And yet, so many doc filmmakers don't feel empowered to do just that.

But not you! #hellno

Once you complete this module you're going to be rockin' an authentic, tailor-made distribution strategy which is going to see your doc film shooting for the stars and beyond.

P.s. Don't worry there are way less hashtags in the actual course 😉

 Can we take a look inside?

Of course! Let's jump in...

But don't just take our word for it!

What our enrollees are saying...




Proposal Success

“When I pitched the BBC with several potential projects I followed the IDF101 proposal tutorial to a tee. It is well structured, informative and detailed. The response I received from them was 'These are very strong proposals' and one was picked up straight away. It's brilliant! Thank you for what you have created.”

Majida Kabariti, Doc Filmmaker



Great Investment

IDF101 is the step by step guide to creating and funding a doc film that I've been searching for for a long while now. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have finally found it. I used to never think I'd be able to raise any real significant funding for my film, especially working on my first feature. This course has empowered me to believe in myself and to know that I can raise the money I need to produce my film and make it the way I've been dreaming about without going broke in the process. If you're struggling with imposter syndrome or don't know how you're ever going to find the money for your film, then I cannot recommend this course highly enough. Take the leap of faith and invest in yourself and your film. You won't regret it!

Walker Hull, Doc Filmmaker



Walker Hull Photo



Carey McKelvey Photo

Immense Help

“After working through IDF101 I put together a proposal and a few budgets and applied to the IDA's fiscal sponsorship program. The good news is I was accepted and now the IDA will soon become the fiscal sponsor for the film! I wanted to personally thank you for inspiring me to get this far and for the immense help IDF101 has been so far! ”

Carey McKelvey, Doc Filmmaker

 What else do I get?

Want more? Okay, sure. How 'bout this?

Module Workbooks

Each module comes with a comprehensive workbook for you to apply what you're learning to your own documentary film. #priceless


Tutorial mp3s

Want to develop your documentary film on the move? We've included mp3s of every single tutorial in IDF101. Get your earbuds ready.


Free Updates

As comprehensive as this course is (and it is!) we're still not done. No siree, we've even more to offer and you'll get it all gratis. EVERY update.


Exclusive IDF101 Community

We love to engage in the community group every day. If you've ever got Q's, we've got you!


Instant and Lifetime Access

That's right! As soon as you enroll you in IDF101 you'll have immediate access to the course and all of the other content.  And yes, that's for life.

No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

We love this course. We think you'll love this course. But on the tiny chance that it isn't your vibe, you'll have 30 days to let us know. #norisk

 What's the investment?

You have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain!



( x 12 installments )



( one-off payment )

> Every Video Tutorial You Need

> Essential Templates and Resources

> Module Workbooks

> Industry Guest Webinars

> 3 x Bonus Tutorials

> Free Updates

> Access to the Exclusive Community Group

> 30 Day 100% Money-back Guarantee


> 40 Minute Coaching Session w/ Chris

   and Stephanie

> Save $75 Over the Monthly Plan

> Every Video Tutorial You Need

> Essential Templates and Resources

> Module Workbooks

> Industry Guest Webinars

> 3 x Bonus Tutorials

> Free Updates

> Access to the Exclusive Community Group

> 30 Day 100% Money-back Guarantee


30 Days Risk Free

 Have Questions Before Joining?

If they aren't answered in the FAQ below then let's jump on a call and we'll be happy to answer them!

 Who doesn't like a bonus?

And we've got some excellent ones.

Bonus#1: Filmmaking Basics

What could be more essential to a documentary filmmaker than knowing how to conduct an awesome, impactful and comprehensive interview and shoot exceptional, tell-the-story-of-your-film-and-draw-people-in b'roll?

Pretty much nothing, right? #filmmakingbasics

And, just in case you ever decide to shoot any of your film(s) abroad, we've got you covered there too.

Shooting B'roll
Conducting The Interview Photo
Filming Abroad Photo

Bonus#2: Doc Industry Expert Webinar Archive

We're partial to hosting webinars with our doc industry peers. Those who are experts in their field and have much to share to the advantage of those who will listen.

Whether it's developing a fundraising mindset, learning how to edit efficiently and effectively, how and where to distribute your film or legal do's and dont's of documentary filmmaking, we're got tips, tricks and resources from our industry experts that you're gonna wanna hear. Get the scoop you've been waiting to hear.

P.s. This is the only place you'll have access to this exclusive archive of webinars.

Morrie Warshawski / Funding Guru
Morrie Warshawski / Funding Guru
Paddy Bird / Inside The Edit
Paddy Bird / Inside The Edit
Jon Reiss / Distribution Expert
Jon Reiss / Distribution Expert
Gordon Firemark / Entertainment Lawyer
Gordon Firemark / Entertainment Lawyer
Pat McGowan / Stock Footage
Pat McGowan / Stock Footage

 Because we give a FAQ

Your most popular questions answered

How much time will I have to put into IDF101?

That, my friend, is up to you. You have lifetime access to this course so you can choose to work through it at speed, picking and choosing which areas are priority to you or you can take more time, pacing it with your film's progress. Either way it will be here for you whenever you need it, for your current project and your next.


I'm overwhelmed as to where to start and how to get my film made. Will this course help overcome that?

IDF101 has been designed in a way that each module builds upon itself. This means we're taking the fundamentals of funding, marketing and distribution one step at a time and empowering you into action, rather than reaction.

This course is the antidote to overwhelm designed to give you focus and clarity on your goals and vision which ultimately lead you to a successful, financially viable and fulfilling documentary film project.


Does my film have to be almost complete?

Not at all. In fact it's better if it isn't. You will ideally work through this course as you are making your film, not after it is made. The sooner you can start to implement the tutorials of IDF101 to your film the sooner they can begin to take effect.

However, if you are toward the latter stages of your film's completion you will still be able to take and apply a lot from this course, you'll just have to implement it at a faster pace.


Will you teach me the technical aspects of filmmaking?

There are many courses out there in the world, both on and offline, which can teach you how to operate a camera or light a set. This is not one of those courses. In IDF101 we are focused on the success and achievement of your film through its funding, presence, marketing, impact and distribution.

We do, however, have three bonus tutorials you will have access to which offer guidance on conducting the interview, shooting b'roll and filming abroad!


What do I do if I decide this course isn't for me?

No problem at all. We want every doc filmmaker to find his or her own doc filmmaking resources and community that works best for them. Simply email for a full, no-questions-asked refund, within 30 days of purchase.


Got more questions?

Email Chris directly at chris [at] barangflms [dot] com or schedule a call.


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