About The Founders Of Empowered Narrative

Hi there, we are Chris and Stephanie. We are filmmakers, coaches, parents, world travellers and storytellers who value freedom, connection and creativity above all else.

We have collectively worked in the film industry for over 35 years and over that time have learned the value in doing things in a way that feels good to us and feeds our souls. There is no right or wrong way. There is only the way that works for you and gets you to your objective - whatever that may be.

We feel honored to hold space for fellow storytellers and see our pursuit at this time to help support the creation and distribution of these valuable narratives.

Chris About

Chris G. Parkhurst

Since 2004, founder Chris G. Parkhurst, has been producing award-winning impactful, emotional, and wholly original stories for clients globally.

With a client list comprising Nike, Adidas, and Intel, he has worked in a host of different mediums, including feature films, television commercials, web content, and documentary films.

It is the culmination of these experiences that helps create Empowered Narrative's signature brand of storytelling; the beautiful intersection where narrative and documentary collides.


Stephanie Vincenti

Always passionately interested in media production, Stephanie worked for many years in narrative film and television production, primarily as a 1st and 2nd Assistant Director in the United Kingdom and Southeast Asia.

For 8 years she worked as a producer at Barang Films where she moved into the world of corporate and commercial video and the exciting realm of documentary filmmaking.

And now with Empowered Narrative, Stephanie is taking all of her training, knowledge and experience and converting it into ways to help other filmmakers as well as make new and exciting documentary content of her own.

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