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Film Synopsis


Elvis of Cambodia is a feature length documentary film, which celebrates the life and legacy of beloved Cambodian Singer, Sinn Sisamouth.


As the most famous Cambodian artist to ever live, the film touches on the outstanding musical achievements he accomplished during his life. However, it is in the years that followed his passing that we shine the brightest light.


As we delve into the legacy of his music, we discover both the personal endeavors of his family to protect it, and socially, the influence it has had on the spiritual, intellectual and cultural growth and healing of millions of Cambodians worldwide.

Release Date Anticipated

For November 2022


Elvis of Cambodia is currently in post production and is

estimated to complete by September 2022.


At this time it is our intention to premiere and screen the film in several locations in Cambodia in October and November 2022. More information will be released as dates are confirmed.


We will then hold screenings in several states in the USA from January to March 2023. More information will be released as dates are confirmed.


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We are grateful to our partners and sponsors

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