Welcome to a selection of our film projects that we have created over the past several years.

We currently have a few projects going through preproduction which should be going into production the next couple of months. We also have our feature documentary in the later stages of post production for which we are setting up an Asian and US tour.

You can discover more about our other projects and freelance work in the About Us section.



We currently have a few projects in preproduction that we are creating proposals and applying for funding on.

Our intention is to move these projects into production in the next few months.


After ten years fighting chronic illness and dealing with ever worsening health, Jillian Parkhurst has found a light, an inner strength and a perseverance that she never knew she had or that she would ever need.

In this film we hear from Jillian herself as she shares how she has navigated, reconfigured and reframed her life, her work, her ability to parent and much more while fighting to stay alive and thrive in challenging circustances.




Gabrielle Haley was not always as she seemed. Not to the world. Not to her friends and colleagues. Not even to herself.

In fact, for the first 35 years of her life she was someone else entirely. In her own words, she had gone from being a cross dressing man to "a trans woman who had been putting on a 'man act' to conceal my true gender identity."

Call Me Gabrielle is a film that intimately, through first-person narrative, looks at what it means to transition gender as she reveals a full specturm of experiences that many will never encounter or understand.


Gabrielle (1)









We currently do not have any projects actively in production as we complete, release and tour with our most recent documentary film, Elvis of Cambodia. However, we expect to have our current preproduction projects moving into production within the next few months once the asian and US legs of our tour are complete.









We currently have one film project in post-production which is our feature documentary film, Elvis of Cambodia. We will begin touring with the film in October 2022 where we will travel through Asia and the USA. More details about tour dates and locations will be released in soon.


Elvis of Cambodia: The Legacy of Sinn Sisamouth is a feature length documentary film, which celebrates the life and legacy of beloved Cambodian Singer, Sinn Sisamouth.

As the most famous Cambodian artist to ever live, the film touches on the outstanding musical achievements he accomplished during his life. However, it is in the years that followed his passing that we shine the brightest light.

As we delve into the legacy of his music, we discover both the personal endeavors of his family to protect it, and socially, the influence it has had on the spiritual, intellectual and cultural growth and healing of millions of Cambodians worldwide.









Here are a selection of feature and short films that we have produced over the past few years.


Journey to Kathmandu follows the once-in-a-lifetime trek that goats make from their farmland lives in Tibet to their sacrificial deaths in Kathmandu, at the height of the all-important Nepalese Dashain Festival.

Every great Journey comes with a sacrifice.





Fumi’s Floral Shoppe is a short film about one of Portland’s longest running family-owned businesses, Kern Park Flower Shoppe. It is the story of five generations of a family who have played their part in running this Portland institution, which began in 1915 – this year marking the 100th anniversary.

Integral to the story is 93-year-old Fumi Itami, a woman of Japanese descent and head of the family, who has seen the business through many changes and challenges, perhaps the most significant being the forced placement of Japanese-Americans into internment camps during WWII.

Ultimately, this is the story of resilience, courage, and empowerment of five generations of women doing whatever it takes to keep their families and community connected through this lovely shop that still operates in southeast Portland today.

This Film Was Proudly Funded By The Regional Arts and Culture Council.