Documentary Filmmaker’s Crowdfunding 101



Need an infusion of cash for your documentary film? Then consider running a crowdfunding campaign.

Our direct experience and expertise in running multiple, successful, crowdfunding campaigns has allowed us to develop a tried and true process and strategy that we’ll be sharing with you in this workshop. You too can run a successful campaign, fund your documentary, develop your distribution and outreach channels while building an eager audience for your films for years to come.



• Do you want to raise your next (or first) $5k, $20k, or $50k right now for your documentary film?

• Do you want to run an effective, efficient and impactful crowdfunding campaign that not only gets you to your financial goal, but results in more support, fans and resources than you could imagine?

• Do you want to build an avid, dedicated fan base for not only this documentary film, but all your films that follow?


Why Crowdfund?

Crowdfunding is one of THE go-to funding methods that you can employ not only to raise significant funding for your film, but also to cultivate a sustainable fan base, develop your distribution and outreach strategies and hone your audience communication channels.

You will therefore not only be reaching your funding objectives, but you will also be building a foundation on which to launch your film on its completion.


Join us in this workshop, where you will:

• Learn every step of running a successful crowdfunding campaign from start to finish

• Start building your campaign now to ensure its success on launch day

• Create your master breakdown – the blueprint for your whole crowdfunding campaign strategy

• Develop your campaign’s announcements, email sequencing and social media content messaging

• Get ready for the final stretch with some tried and true final 48 hours tactics

• Become a confident and strategic fundraiser and audience builder for this and all of your documentary films that will follow

• Discover how to raise the money you need right now to get your film through the next phase of production or to completion


Why this workshop?

This workshop will be led by commercial and documentary filmmaker, Chris G. Parkhurst who has run several successful crowdfunding campaigns raising over $30,000 in campaign donations.

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Wed 11th May, 2022 @ 8pm ET (5pm PT)