Going Solo With Your Documentary Filmmaking



Making your documentary on your own? Well, you are not alone in going it alone.

Solo filmmaking is more popular and accessible than ever before and we’re going to share with you the techniques and strategy that will enable you to be the most productive, creative and effective solo filmmaker you can be, so you’re ready and prepared to make your best documentary film yet.



• Are you excited to make a documentary film, but feel overwhelmed at the prospect of doing it by yourself?

• Are you afraid that you don’t have the knowledge or skill set to do all that’s required?

• Are you concerned about feeling isolated and on your own in this solo documentary venture?


Why Make A Film Solo?

There is a common misconception out there that in order to make a documentary film you will need a number of crew people: a director, a producer, a cinematographer, a sound person, and an editor. But the truth of the matter is that you only need one: YOU.

You can wear many hats as a documentary filmmaker, and what’s more, your film may be the better for it!


Join us in this workshop, where you will:

• Learn why going solo may be the best thing for your documentary film

• Know how and where to prioritize your time, money and resources

• Discover how to multi-task the key film positions for maximum effect

• Get clear and focused on the essential gear required and how best to use it

• Learn tips and techniques to become a better shooter, interviewer, and sound person

• Remove isolation and build credibility for yourself and your film throughout its life cycle

• Feel empowered to bring your documentary film to completion and beyond!


This workshop will be led by commercial and documentary filmmaker, and The Documentary Life podcast host, Chris G. Parkhurst.

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Wed 18th May, 2022 @ 8pm ET (5pm PT)