Filming Documentaries Overseas

By Chris G Parkhurst | 10/13/2016 |

 Film Documentaries OverseasOkay, so it should be noted that this podcast is being released a week after I actually recorded it since I’m currently in the ridiculously sunny and ridiculously humid climes of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico filming on Let’s Talk Coffee 2016. So while this may be a short blog write-up, the podcast is a really…

Desktop Documentaries with Filmmaker Faith Fuller

By Chris G Parkhurst | 09/29/2016 |

On this International Podcast Day (yes, there is such a thing!), it’s only appropriate to bring you another installment to our monthly conversations with documentary industry people. This time out, I spoke with documentary filmmaker (Briars in the Cotton Patch) and founder of Desktop Documentaries, Faith Fuller.   I’ve been following the Desktop Documentary website for a couple…

Avoid These Common Mistakes Before ‘Jumping In’ on Your Documentary Film

By Chris G Parkhurst | 09/16/2016 |

I’m often asked about the most common mistakes one can avoid before diving headlong into one’s documentary project. In some ways, I can’t really decide if I’m the right or wrong one to ask this question to. I mean, I’ve kind of made some of the same mistakes multiples times in the past couple of projects alone. So, yeah,…

Ian McCluskey Lives a Documentary Life

By Chris G Parkhurst | 09/03/2016 |

It’s episode 9 and I really feel that we’re hitting some sort of proverbial stride with this one. In this latest installment to our monthly conversations with an industry person, I spoke with filmmaker and founder of NW Documentary, Ian McCluskey. The content and style of conversation, in my opinion, is the closest I’ve come yet…

How to Finish Your Documentary Film

By Chris G Parkhurst | 08/18/2016 |

Top 5 Ways to Finish Your Documentary Film

Conversation with Filmmaker Scott Squire

By Chris G Parkhurst | 08/05/2016 |

Welcome to the third edition of our monthly conversation with a documentary industry person. This time out, I sat down with Seattle-based doc filmmaker Scott Squire, who along with his wife, Amy Benson, run the documentary production company, Non Fiction Media. Their first feature documentary is a film called Drawing the Tiger, and was shot entirely in…

How to Live an Abundant Documentary Life

By Chris G Parkhurst | 07/21/2016 |

Okay, so the show is now five episodes old (not including this one which will give us six total). We’ve had some great conversations with documentary industry people like John Pirozzi (Don’t Think I’ve Forgotten) and Lydia B. Smith (Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago), covering topics such as shooting film overseas in developing countries and…

The Power of a Grassroots Campaign with Filmmaker, Lydia B. Smith

By Chris G Parkhurst | 07/08/2016 |

Tune in to our second conversation with a documentary industry person, this time award-winning filmmaker, Lydia B. Smith. At the heart of the show is her use of a remarkable grassroots campaign that propelled her last documentary film, Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago, to great heights, including the twelve-highest grossing documentary film of 2014.…

Score For Your Doc

By Chris G Parkhurst | 07/08/2016 |

In episode four, we introduce a new segment to the show: #DocLifer emails! As part of the segment, we address some of TDL’s first-ever emails, including an email that references Episode 3 guest, John Pirozzi. The #DocLifer describes his own challenges with the length of time it sometimes takes to finish one’s project.   We…

Conversation with Filmmaker John Pirozzi

By Chris G Parkhurst | 06/30/2016 |

Much like TDL podcast host, Chris G. Parkhurst, filmmaker John Pirozzi has been making documentary films in the SE Asian country of Cambodia for well over a decade, initially with the Matt Dillon feature film City of Ghosts, and then later on through his own documentary projects, Sleepwalking Through the Mekong, a film about Los Angeles band Dengue…