Work With Us

A significant part of the mission of Empowered Narrative is to offer inexpensive resources to first time and inexperienced documentary filmmakers to help them make their films.

We do this in several ways and are always looking for new ways to connect and support.

Take a look at the offerings we have below and we hope you find something that can help support you and your documentary film.

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Ways We Can Work Together

Currently, there are five main offerings that we have of how we can work together on your film project and they range in cost, duration and the filmmaker's desired outcomes.


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The Documentary Collective

The Documentary Collective is a 3 month group coaching program which involves 4 to 6 participants meeting weekly to discuss their film projects and get help and support in making their films.

We have run this program several times with amazing results and it continues to be one of our most popular and successful filmmaking resources.

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1:1 Life and Film Coaching

We offer life coaching and film coaching as two separate offerings.

As a certified life coach, Stephanie is able to support you in tailoring your life and career to align with your filmmaking goals.

As a seasoned documentary filmmaker, film coaching with Chris allows you to develop clarity on all aspects of your film, discover the actionable next steps to move you forward, have accountability giving you motivation and feel empowered and supported as you make your film.


Film Workshops

Our very popular workshops cover a range of documentary filmmaking areas, including, film funding, proposal and grant writing, running a successful crowdfunding campaign, how to successfully make a film on your own and how to move your project forward when you are feeling stuck.

Workshops are priced between $20 and $50 to ensure they are accessible to all filmmakers and we would reduce that further for a filmmaker without those funds.

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Documentary Film Essentials

Our flagship documentary filmmaking course Documentary Film Essentials is a self paced course which takes first-time filmmakers through everything they need to know to make a successful film.

It is a must-have for any filmmaker looking to make, fund and distribute their first or next project!

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Filmmaker Events and Retreats

We love to meet with, and curate events and retreats for, documentary filmmakers. It is the best part of the work we do - bringing filmmakers together!

Take a look at what we have scheduled right now and if nothing is currently planned then please sign up anyway as we tend to hold these gatherings where people have shown interest.