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The Documentary Life invites you to share your filmmaking lessons, resources and experiences with your doc filmmaking community.

Whether you're a newbie documentary filmmaker or doc filmmaker extraordinaire we'd love to invite you to write an article for The Documentary Life blog and share valuable information that you have learned through your experiences with others.


Here are the details you need...

What to write about?

Documentary filmmaking is our thing.

Whether it's production, funding, collaborating, equipment, releases, rights, distribution, outreach, festivals or cameras. You get the idea.

And in case that's not enough, we also cover mindset - including how to overcome imposter syndrome and why you need to get perspective on your money mindset - and how to lead a documentary life.

If it's relevant to documentary filmmaking then it's relevant to #Doclifers!

Here are some benefits to being featured on our blog:

  • Get more eyes on your stuff - Whether it's your business, production company or documentary film, get more eyes on whatever you're trying to share with more of the world.
  • Find help to fund or support your film - Raising awareness for your film by building your online presence is paramount. Let us help you build your audience and supporters.
  • Giving to the documentary film community - Remember when you started and didn't have a clue what you were doing? Share what you have learned along the way. Or maybe you're just starting out now and you want to contribute what you've encountered so far? It's all SO valuable and needs to be shared.

Keep in mind:

  • Write about what you have learned - Think about what would be valuable for others to know about.
  • Be original - Articles must be unique to The Documentary Life and must not have been published elsewhere online (including your personal blog) or slated for distribution on other sites.
  • Be of value - Don't overly promote. Try to offer the reader real value. Give them insights and/or share experiences they can benefit from.
  • Relevant links - If you mention a website, piece of equipment or your documentary film project provide a link that we can attach to it.
  • Word count - Please make your article 700 words+
  • Info on you - Please provide a short bio of yourself and a photograph

To submit your article:

Once you have completed your article, gathered your links, got your photograph and brief personal bio to hand, then it's time to send them through to us!

Please send to stephanie@barangfilms.com with the subject heading 'Proposed Article For TDL Blog'.

If you have any questions, contact us.

Note: If you require posting to be scheduled for a certain date or period of time to coincide with a campaign you are running please make this clear in the email.

Please Note: This is not the same content or format as the #Doclifer Stories posts. The 'Write for us' articles are 'teaching' articles.

You can submit a #Doclifer Story where you share your own journey and filmmaking experiences by using this questionnaire.

P.s. Here's a published example of a #Doclifer Story.